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The Famous Higashiyama Mountains in southern Kyoto, and its the Uji-gawa River, Momoyama connects Osaka, Nara and Kyoto. Momoyama is nicked “Peach Hills.”

Fushimi in Kyoto is the historical place to sakeries. I have visited a couple of sakeries in Fushimi in 2010. Bothe are located south of Kintetsu satation in the same neighbourhood.

Some of them are not opened to public, but a couple of them have museums, show rooms and restaurants: One of the biggest sakeries in Japan, Ohkura Sakery, which produces Gekkeikan. Gekkeikan Museum has a small amount of tasting.…index.html


The other is Kizakura Sakery with Kappa Country Museum. Kizakura does not have free sampling. 

Both are located near Kintetsu Momoyama-Goryo station and Keihan Fushimi Momoyama station.


Other sakeries information in Fushimi:…


Another sake museum in downtown Kyoto is Horino Museum by Kinshi Masamune Sake

Tasting is available with 300 Yen.



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